🌟 Featured Dish: Locally Foraged Lobster Mushroom and Chicken Hash Bowl 🌟

The owner was taken on a mushroom foraging adventure this week with Paul Cain from Whistler Harvest. Paul was kind enough to let him in on some of his local coast mountain secret spots and thus we have a handful of Lobster Mushrooms to try.

In traditonal Crabapple style, this forst dish is a Hash bowl and it's really delicious.

Crafted with care, this dish showcases tender chicken and the earthy richness of the locally foraged lobster mushrooms, bringing you a taste of the wild.

Adding to that is 2 poached eggs and the drizzle of our velvety roasted onion hollandaise sauce. This sauce adds a smoky, savory depth to the medley of flavors, creating a harmonious and satisfying combination that's a feast for your senses.

We hope you enjoy this local delight.

You can find more about Whistler Harvest on their Instagram page @whistlerharvest.



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