The Crabapple team loves nothing more than getting together and sampling some of the local craft beers. Recently the opportunity was provided by the Pemberton Brewing Co. Subsequently, we were quick to add some welcome additions to our menu.

They gave us a few to try. From an unspecific list we've chosen to go with the Long Road IPA (ALC. 6% VOL), the Valley Fog Hazy IPA (ALC. 6.3% VOL) and the really interesting Pikey's Porter (ALC. 6.2% VOL).

The Long Road IPA has some great citrus flavours that really caught our attention while the Hazy was more tropical. Both are a welcome addition to our existing repertoire of extraordinary offerings here at the Crabapple.

Then there was the Pikey's, the one i'm drinking as I write this. This one really caught our attention. It's described as; 'A big smooth porter blended with dark coffee, a hint of chocolate and a little magic, then rested with Whiskey barrel oak, giving flavours and aromas of Irish cream.'

Who knows if it's exactly as it's described, but what we can say is, 'it's mega!!' We really love this brew and we believe you will too. Unfortunately it's limited release so you'll have to get it while you can. With the heaters on our amazing patio doing their thing while it literally rains cats and dogs outside, we couldn't think of better place to chillax and have 1 or 3 or even 6 (if you're tougher than us) of these.

These are the latest editions to the menu. Stay tuned as we test, explore and add some more.



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