It's the second year of the Squamish Hot Choclate Festival and we're super excited to be taking part again. This year it will run from the 4th - 21st February.

The Squamish Hot Chocolate Festival was run for the first time last year and was a huge success. Each participating venue comes up with their own unique Hot Chocolate and a sweet to pair with it. Lot's of people made their way around Squamish to sample the creative efforts of our local establishments and from our perspective, everyone was stoked.

It would seem there is a lot of leg work carried out to get this event going. The person behind that and whom we're all incredibly grateful to for organizing it, is Rebekah Gusway from Cafe Garibaldi. She has done an amzing job of pulling everyone together and making sure we're all good to go for February 4th.

This year we will serving a Spiced Raspberry and Matcha Hot Chocolate, paired with a very rich, house made, Raspberry and Citrus Chocolate Cream Truffle.

We can't wait to try out the competition and judging by the pictures it's going to be delicious. Check them out here.



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