Welcome to our new website! We hope you like it as much as we do. 

Since we took over Crabapple last year we’ve had such a great time. It’s been hard work but thanks to you guys, it’s all been worth it. We’ve had people coming from all over Squamish, Brackendale and BC, alongside the regulars we’ve got to know and love. It’s surreal but amazing to think that we were two of those regulars until last year when we suddenly ended up on the other side of the bar! Learn more about us..

We’re super-excited to get going with our blog… this is just a quick message to let you know what you can expect from our blog in the future. We’ll be sharing healthy recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch & brunch for vegans and meat-eaters alike; weekly specials, community news for Squamish and Brackendale, features on our favourite local suppliers, and all upcoming events at Crabapple. Keep your eyes peeled & see you soon!



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